Product: L-acoustics LA24a (12x) SALE!

In very good condition, the L-acoustics LA24a = 100% the same as a Lab Gruppen FP3400

End-of-year sale, price valid until 31-12

750,- exl vat, including 3 months warranty ( 907,50 incl VAT )

L-acoustics LA24a
2 x 1100 watts @ 8 ohm
2 x 1500 watts @ 4 ohm
2 x 1700 watts @ 2 ohm
(Measured just below clip level,
with both channels driven)

Compact design, 2U high
Low weight, 10 kg (22 lbs)
MLS Switch: Lab.gruppens unique power matching for different loads
Multiple positions gain switch
Intercooler cooling system with front-to-rear airflow and easily accessible dust filters
Improved low-end power bandwidth
Link connector with XLR-type connector
Bridged mono outputs in one Speakonconnector
Extruded front panel for increased stability

Multiple positions Gain switch
To meet the demands for a flexible gain structure in the system, Lab.gruppen offers a
multiple position gain DIP switch. The maximum amplifier gain can be set to all industry
standards: 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38 and 41 dB.

Sophisticated protection circuitry, combining:
DC protection; protects against infrasonic signals
VHF protection; protects the loudspeakers against strong very high frequency nonmusical
signals above the audible range.
Thermal protection; prevents the amplifier from being overheated. The protection
indicators on the front panel are switched on, as a warning, before the protection
process is initiated.
AC protection; shuts down the power supply if the line voltage is outside the
operating voltage.
Clip limiter; prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching the loudspeakers,
whilst maintaining full peak power.