Product: Martin Audio H3T set

A set in very good condition.

2x Martin Audio H3T 1599,- exl vat set price, incl 3 months warranty ( 1934,79 incl VAT )

Martin Audio H3T
The Blackline H3T is a very high performance, all-horn, three-way system in a single, wide-bandwidth package.
The Hybrid low frequency section comprises a horn-loaded 15 (380mm) / 4 (100mm) voice coil driver that
is reflex loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural horn cut-off point. The 10 (250mm) mid-horn
features a unique phase-ball loading device and is teamed with a 70 x 40 horn-loaded 1 (25mm) exit
compression driver for efficient mid-HF performance. The system has a switchable passive 2kHz mid-HF
crossover network to permit bi-amp/tri-amp operation.

technical specifications
TYPE Three-way bi-amp/tri-amp trapezoid Hybrid fully horn loaded
15" (380mm) bass driver
10" (250mm) mid driver
1" (25mm) exit compression driver

LF: 500W AES, 2000W peak
MF/(MF + HF): 300W AES, 1200W peak
HF: 60W AES, 240W peak

LF: 400-1000W into 4 ohms / MF/(MF + HF): 400-650W into 4 ohms / HF: 100-400W into 4 ohms
LF: 104dB / MF/(MF + HF): 104dB / HF: 106dB
MAXIMUM SPL (4) 130dB continuous, 136dB peak
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE LF: 8 ohms/ MF/(MF + HF): 8 ohms / HF: 8 ohms
DISPERSION (-6dB) 70 horizontal, 40 vertical
CROSSOVER 250Hz active, 2kHz active/passive
ENCLOSURE 250 litre, multi-laminate birch ply
FINISH Textured black paint
PROTECTIVE GRILLE Black perforated steel
CONNECTORS 2 x Neutrik NL8
FITTINGS 12 x M10 inserts / (100mm) castors
DIMENSIONS (W) 560mm x (H) 1066mm x (D) 780mm
WEIGHT 77.5kg