L-Acoustics KIVA set of 12 (1 set in stock)12x Dual 6.5 inch line array
incl flightcases
incl brackets

L-Acoustics X8Passive 2-way coaxial enclosure

L-acoustics SB28 High-Power Subwoofer (2x)2 x 18 LF transducers
25Hz LF limit

L-Acoustics Kara-2 (Set of 12 pieces)2 x 8 neodymium LF speakers
HF section features a 3 neodymium diaphragm driver

Dynacord F 150 + CP 18-1 Set (3 sets available)High power 2-way system with 18" subwoofer

QSC K12.2 / KW181 Set (2x - ex demo - powered)Including remaining manufacturer's warranty
approximately 6 years

Martin Audio WT15 (8 in stock)Ultra-compact theatre enclosure

L-acoustics 8XTW (white - ex demo)2-way passive coaxial enclosure
8'' LF + 1.5'' HF diaphragm

L-acoustics 112P (set of 2 with flightcase)1000W / 8 Ohms Self-powered
DSP-optimized for 4 different presets

L-acoustics KIVARAL (RAL9016 - white - 4 in stock)Ex-demo
2-way passive ultra compact WST enclosure

L-acoustics 112P (4 in stock)Powerd 12 inch coaxial

L-acoustics K1-SB (4 in stock - ex demo)Flyable high power subwoofer
2 x 15 neodymium

Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS 12 / XPRS 215S (set)1200W active speaker (2x)
1200W powered subwoofer (2x)

L-acoustics 115XT HiQ (20x)15 neodymium transducer
3 diaphragm compression driver

QSC K10.2 + KSub Set (Powered)Active 10-inch Loudspeaker
Dual 12-inch Active Subwoofer

Kling & Freitag (K&F) ACCESS T5 T9 B5 Set4x Kling & Freitag T5 / T9
4x Kling & Freitag B5
1x Kling & Freitag Access controller

Adamson Y10 set SALE!!16 stuks Y10 incl cover / dolly
compleet incl grid

EAW KF730 / 737 set incl. flightcases and fly-bar3-Way Line Array Module Set
8x KF730 / 4x KF737

EAW JFL210 (set of 4 pieces)Compact 2-way full range line array

EAW LA400 (16x)Dedicated subwoofer horn
12' woofer

Proel Axiom EDGE121SP (22x)Single 21 inch sub
3200W piek

L-acoustics K2-2 packageFull range element of a WST line source
Complete set of 12, incl rigging

L-acoustics MTD108aComplete set of 4 speakers (foam front) including case

L-acoustics MTD108a set (4x)Complete set van 2 incl case en beugels

QSC E218swDual 18-inch subwoofer

EAW KF600 - SB600 set SALE!4x dual 15 inch sub
4x hornloaded top

Nexo GEO S8 / RS1512x NEXO GEO S8
4x NEXO RS15

Nexo GEO S812x NEXO GEO S8
complete incl rigging

JBL HLA 4895 top (12x) SALE!Highpower 3-way
horn loaded

JBL  VRX 915m set SALE!Compacte light weight 15 inch monitoren ( per 2 incl case )

D&B Dubbele F2 / B1 set SALE!4x D&B F2 top
4x D&B B1 sub
compleet incl A1, grid en cacom

Martin Audio WT2 set incl case (25x) SALE!2x Martin audio WT2
2x Martin audio WT stolp case
2x Bracket for flying WT2

L-acoustics 108P set SALE!8 inch powerd incl flight-case
DEMO incl 5 year warranty

Kling & Freitag Access T9 (10x) SALE!Horn loaded mid/high
90 x 40
139dB piek

Kling & Freitag Access T5 (8x) SALE!Horn loaded mid/high
50 x 40
140dB piek

DAS Audio AERO38a (12x) SALE!2000W rms powerd line array
incl case, incl GRID

Ohm RW6 / BP set SALE!Dual 15 inch top
Dual 15 inch sub

Samson RS12m set SALE!12 inch top / monitor

Martin Audio Wave front serie (3x) SALE!Complete stack PA
including amplifiers

QSC KW152 (set)Powerd 15 inch fullrange
incl tote

JBL 3310 set of 12 pcs2-way cinema speaker

JBL HLA Compleet highpower systeem
4 toppen, 4 subs

QSC K10 - Ksub set10 inch powerd top
Dual 12 inch powerd sub

JBL SRX715 - SRX718s (set)2x JBL SRX715 incl cover
2x JBL SRX718s incl cover

Nexo RS15 (2x)Dual 15 inch
Carped version

Nexo  RS15 (2x)Dual 15 inch
Carped version

JBL STX835 setDual 15" Three-Way

L-acoustics 12XT-2 set (7x)2x 12XT-2 (new paint)
incl flightcase

L-acoustics 112XT set (4x)2x L-acoustics 112XT
2x L-acoustics ETR112XT
incl flightcase

L-acoustics ARCS SET (2x)set of 6 pcs incl dolly

RCF V35 (ex demo)Demo model
15 inch full range

Martin Audio H3T set3-way horn loaded top
( set of 2 )

QSC AP5152 - GP118sw2x QSC AP5152
2x QSC GP118SW

QSC AP5152 - GP2182x QSC AP5152
1x QSC GP218Sw

Martin Audio H3T - S218 set2x Martin audio H3T
2x Martin audio S218

DB Technologies Arena set2x DB Technologies Arena 12
1x DB Technologies Arena SW18

Community S-1296 set (2x)Set of 2 incl flightcase

JBL PRX set2x JBL PRX512m incl case
2x JBL PRX518S incl cover

L-acoustics DV-sub (22x)3x 15 inch sub
incl dolly & COV

L-acoustics KUDO set 6x L-acoustics KUDO, incl PLA & COV
2x L-acoustics KUDO frame

EAW JFX260i set12 inch fullrange
including flightcase

Martin audio W8L Longbow set24x Martin audio W8L Longbow
including lab gruppen amplifiers

Ecler Audio DACORD H208IBK setDual 8 inch
incl brackets

L-acoustics 115 HIQ-2 set incl flightcase15 inch coaxial monitor
New paint version!
including flightcase

Sound Project SP2FM set (V2)Setje van 12 inch powerd monitoren

L-acoustics V-DOSCReference Line array